Buds and Bowers: Style With Comfort

Buds and Bowers: Style With Comfort

Buds and Bowers

Buds and Bowers do flowers for difference.” That is the motto of our florist shop, and we believe it’s apt for what we do. We know that your ultimate choice of flowers is an expression of your own personal sense of style – and of how much you adore the way a certain bouquet feels in your hand. We craft special bouquets to thrill your senses – rich, voluminous designs, graceful textures, exquisite colours and even subtle fragrances.

Should Fixing Buds And Bowers: Style With Comfort

What is more, we combine these different flower types (including roses, lilies, callas, and tulips) with textures to bring out the texture and colours in the flowers. And we use them to bring out the individual personalities of flowers, creating a look that is truly “you”. Every bud and each flower has a story behind it, a story to tell. When you come to us to take your flower arrangement home, you’ll find that our selection of flowers is almost unlimited, and the colours are often unique. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have something extraordinary to show off to their friends!

But it doesn’t end there. When you send us your flower arrangement, we will also work on the bouquet in the same way. This means that each tiny flower pot is hand-built by our florists, to make sure that they are as perfect as possible. We may even use a slightly different process when we craft a bud vase or a flower wreath for our clients. All this is done so that our customers receive a finished product that will, hopefully, have meaning and beauty all its own.

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