Diesel Tune Australia

Diesel Tune Australia

If you want to get the best out of your diesel tune australia | Willys Workshop, then a diesel tune australia will be able to help. It will optimize performance to suit your driving requirements & make it a much more enjoyable drive. This will increase your vehicle’s power & torque output enabling it to do the job it is employed for better than ever before.

It should be noted that any remapping of your engine is done using software & can be reversed. This is why it is essential to use a reputable diesel tuning specialist with extensive experience in this field. It’s also important to ensure your remap is done at a well-equipped workshop, with the latest diagnostic equipment & dyno facilities.

Beyond Stock: Customizing Your Diesel for Ultimate Performance

Many so-called remapping modules are available off the net, for around $80 – $280 that promise glorious diesel power and torque gains. These are small electronic devices that plug into the common rail pressure sensor & basically pump up the fuel pressure to make your engine run more aggressively.

Your diesel engine is naturally capable of producing 20-40% more power than what you are getting with the factory settings. The manufacturer limits the engine to conform to emissions laws, fuel grades, climate and other factors that influence your vehicle’s performance.

Willys Workshop specializes in diesel tuning and has the technology to provide you with the maximum performance gain without any risk of mechanical damage to your engine or transmission. We can also remap your transmission computers to reduce turbo lag and allow the engine’s power & torque to get to the wheels.

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