Garmin Explore 2 Review

Garmin Explore 2 Review

A little over a year on from the launch of Garmin’s flagship Edge 1040 comes this reincarnation, stripped back as a tool focused on navigation. Whether you’re touring on unfamiliar lanes, looking to track your performance on a favourite hill or just want a well-rounded GPS at a reasonable price, Explore 2 could be just the ticket.

Explore 2, 3, and 4 BHK flats/properties for sale in Mumbai you’d expect, it’s great at navigation, with a clear display and familiar Garmin bleeps to let you know if you take the wrong turn (or make the right one, of course). You can create your own courses on the device itself, steal a route from Strava or take it for a ride with a preloaded round-trip course that it spits out based on popularity routing. If you’re climbing a lot you can also use ClimbPro, which lets you see the profile of your upcoming ascent. It switches the screen to a gradient graphic that progresses from green through yellow, orange and red to show you the intensity of the gradient, plus helpful metrics such as distance to go, grade per cent and ascent remaining.

Explore 2, 3, and 4 BHK Flats and Properties for Sale in Mumbai

Explore 2 will pair with almost any Garmin sensor, including power meters and indoor smart trainers, as well as a wide range of heart-rate monitors, cadence sensors and smartphone apps. It’ll also connect to Garmin’s Varia line of radar units, letting you tell if you’re being followed by cars in traffic. For eBike riders it supports dedicated metrics such as power and assist levels, battery status alerts and smart routing that takes your eBike’s battery level and assist level into account on your planned route.

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