How to Determine How Many Porta Potties You’ll Need From a Portable Toilet Rental Company

How to Determine How Many Porta Potties You’ll Need From a Portable Toilet Rental Company

Providing proper sanitation facilities to your workers, guests or patrons is an essential part of maintaining hygiene and adhering to health regulations. Rather than investing in expensive permanent restroom solutions, renting Miller Portables from a Portable Toilet Rental Company In Ohio is a much more cost-effective and convenient option.

Construction Site Portable Toilet Rentals

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when determining how many porta potties you’ll need for your event or project. These factors include:

Number of people: Having a rough estimate of the number of attendees or guests is helpful in gauging how many porta potties you’ll require for your needs. Length of time: The duration of your rental period can also impact how often you’ll need your porta potties sanitized and serviced.

Depending on the type of porta potty you choose, additional features can also be incorporated into your rentals. Hand-washing stations, for example, provide an added element of cleanliness that isn’t always available with basic standard porta potties. These units feature a foot-pump-powered faucet, antibacterial hand soap, 22-gallon fresh water capacity and disposable paper towels. Pricing for these hand-washing stations includes weekly cleaning and re-stocking with soap, towel and fresh water.

For events and upscale gatherings in Mentor, flushable toilets with built-in sinks offer an extra level of comfort and convenience, closely mimicking the indoor experience of a traditional restroom. Ideal for weddings, private parties, or any upscale event where a touch of class is desired, these luxury solutions are a great choice for venues looking to add a touch of elegance to their portable restroom rentals.

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