Innokin Go S Starter Kit – An Overview

Innokin Go S Starter Kit – An Overview

Innokin have introduced their new single arm go pot which can be used in conjunction with their all-in-one electric pen stand. This product, the Innokin Go S, is not a standalone product but an add on to the already successful innokin go pen. Innokin go pots come with a host of advantages over the go kart style electric paddles.

The Truth About Innokin Go S Starter Kit – An Overview

It is a very simple single button operation making its operation relatively easy. So found it to be very contemporary in appearance and highly practical in operation. Some of the primary features of Innokin go s are as follows. Size: 128 x 20 x 20mm

Battery: For the user of Innokin go S, this product comes with a triple battery kit. The triple pack includes a high capacity battery, a triple A battery and a lithium polymer battery. The built in charger ensures that your device is always ready when you are. The Innokin go S also has a very useful self diagnosis feature which enables it to automatically charge itself without the help of a manual plug. a day, you will maintain your battery and keep yourself updated about the amount of juice that is in it. The starter kit also contains an informative booklet which explains how to use your vaporizer properly. It also comes with two pipes which are essential to be used when you first receive your unit so that you can slowly create your own air flow. The Innokin vaporizer is a great way to enjoy your electronic cigarettes until they are finally disposed of. The starter kit is a great value for your money and is worth every penny spent.

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