Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare

Organic skin care is defined as skin products that contain only organically grown organic ingredients which are completely free from pesticides. Over the last decade or so, the organic market has really seen a large change towards organic skin care, as more consumers are getting more aware of what ingredients they’re putting on their face, thanks to extensive studies revealing long-term exposure to toxic chemicals can seriously damage your health. It is now believed by many experts that there are far more toxins absorbed through our skin than through any other food source, which is why organic skin care products are becoming increasingly popular. The problem with traditional skin care is that the ingredients used are often derived from harmful chemicals and even some naturally occurring compounds, which can be especially dangerous when combined. For example, many people’s skin will become irritated and inflamed when exposed to various chemicals such as parabens and alcohols, which are commonly used in artificial skin cream products to preserve the products from going bad.

What is it and Why Should You Care?

However, organic skin care products don’t use these chemicals but instead use all natural ingredients, including things like aloe Vera which have soothing properties, and vitamin E, which fight the free radicals that cause damage to your health. Other organic skincare ingredients include manuka honey and active Manuka honey, which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. CynergyTK also increases the amount of collagen and elastin, your body produces, and helps rebuild your hyaluronic acid, which will help smooth wrinkles and keep them away. A recent organic skin care product featuring avocado extract and grape seed oil has also been generating a lot of positive attention for its ability to help reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity.

There are other organic skin care products on the market that have begun to utilize more natural ingredients in their formulas. This is a good thing because there are certain artificial ingredients that can cause problems with certain people’s skin. For instance, some people find that sensitive skin responds negatively to synthetic ingredients. However, if you look at the ingredients labels of many organic skin care creams, you’ll see that they are made up almost entirely of plant based ingredients, and they have proven over time that they are safe for use on human skin. So, as you make your decision about which type of skin care to use, don’t be afraid to choose a product with more natural ingredients.

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