PBN Domains – Are They a Black Hat SEO Technique?

PBN Domains – Are They a Black Hat SEO Technique?

Private blog networks (PBNs) are link-building marketing schemes that provide a fast and effective way to boost search engine rankings. But the practice is a black hat SEO technique that Google disapproves of.

How do I find PBN links?

PBNs are domain-based websites that link to a primary site, or “money site,” and are often used in conjunction with other tactics for improving search engine visibility. The network owner often tries to keep them hidden from public WHOIS data, and they may use multiple hosting providers or drip feed content on a schedule.

Buying and registering expired domains is one of the most common methods for building a pbn domains. Typically, you’ll find these domains at auction or at a registrar like GoDaddy.

The best way to determine if a domain is worth the investment is to perform a WHOIS check. This will reveal information such as the owner’s name, address, and email address.

In addition, if the domain has been registered under the same e-mail address or IP address, this can indicate that it is being used for PBN purposes. It’s also important to verify that the owner has a high Domain Authority score, as this is a good indicator of a quality website.

The best PBNs are those that have real websites with original content and are self-sustaining, meaning they earn enough revenue to cover their maintenance costs. The sites also have high quality links pointing to them, which can increase their ranking in the search engines. This can be a much better strategy than building a large network of low quality, high cost websites.


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