What to Wear When You Ride

What to Wear When You Ride


Whether you ride for recreation or for work, the right motorcycle clothing can help you protect yourself. A good pair of jeans, for example, can offer more protection than shorts, while waterproof jackets and pants can keep you dry and comfortable.

You may want to wear ride wear a cap with a brim to prevent rain from dripping down your face. You can also put on a pair of goggles if you need extra vision.

A pair of waterproof gloves can make a big difference in riding comfort. They’ll keep your hands dry and give you better grip. You can also wear leg warmers, if you’re riding in warm weather.

If you’re riding during the winter, you’ll need a long sleeved cycling jersey. Bib shorts, tights, and a base layer are also essential. The best jackets have zippered or Velcro-style vents to keep you cool and dry.

Add these cycling accessories as necessary:

For warmer weather, consider a pair of waterproof pants. These can help keep your clothes dry and can also help lock in the heat. Some waterproof pants are designed to be worn with a lining, such as a mesh one. Alternatively, a raincoat may be all that you need.

You may also want to wear a pair of chaps to keep your hands dry and prevent the reins from rubbing on your hands. For additional protection, you can also wear a cycling vest. You can also use a riding bandanna to protect your nose and mouth from the elements.

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