What We Liked About This Urine Odor Remover

What We Liked About This Urine Odor Remover


Whether caused by puppies, seniors or urine odor remover any other breed of dog, urine accidents can leave unsightly stains and foul smells on carpets, area rugs, fabrics and floors. The best urine odor remover attacks the stain and the smell at the source, not simply masking or covering up. These cleaners can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, and are available in a trigger spray bottle, a gallon-sized refill, or a powdered formula that can be mixed with water to create a custom solution.

What We Liked: This enzymatic cleaner is designed to tackle both pet and people urine stains and odors, as well as feces, blood, vomit and other stubborn organic messes. It uses enzymes that feed on the odor-causing organic materials to not only eliminate the smell but also remove the stains and prevent resoiling accidents. The product is non-toxic and has no chlorine, dyes or hazardous propellants, making it a safe choice for use around pets and children. It also requires no rinsing, and is color safe for most surfaces.

Eliminating Urine Odor: Tips and Tricks for a Fresh-Smelling Home

If you’re dealing with a fresh puddle, it’s important to act fast. The longer a fabric, rug or carpet remains damp, the more potent the urine odor will be. Once the puddle has been cleaned up, it’s a good idea to sleuth out any old spots using a black light. This will help you see any spots that were missed when the lights were turned off, and mark them so they can be treated with a specialized odor eliminator.

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