200 Watt Solar Panel For RVs

200 Watt Solar Panel For RVs

200 watt solar panel for rv

If you’re an rv owner, you likely need a 200 watt solar panel to power your rig. Whether you’re looking for an option that can be easily set up on your RV roof, or you want a panel to keep in the shade for easy access while camping, there are a few different options to consider.

The Perfect Solar Panel for RVs

A 200 watt solar panel is ideal for small electrical needs like charging an RV battery, or for using as a backup power source while on the road. But it’s not the bare minimum for off-grid travel, so you’ll need to monitor your energy use and make sure that your panels can provide enough to power what you need. Source 200 watt flexible solar panel | ShopSolarKits.com

Why You Need a 200 Watt Solar Panel for Your RV

There are two main types of solar panels, rigid and flexible, and each has its pros and cons. Rigid panels are heavier and have a metal frame that protects them from the elements, while flexible solar panels are lightweight and less bulky. They can bend to fit uneven spaces, like the rounded roof of an RV.

Flexi-Solar 12-Volt Portable PV Panel

The Renogy 200 W flexible solar panel can bend up to 240 degrees, making it a great option for curved RV roofs or other curved surfaces. It’s also a good choice for a quick, temporary power solution for RVers who don’t have the time or patience to mount rigid panels on their roofs.

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