Amber Energy Boosts Wholesale Electricity Prices

Amber Energy Boosts Wholesale Electricity Prices

For the first few years of its existence, amber energy retail model was a winning one for its customers. The energy company sells wholesale power to its 15,000 customers, who in turn buy it at a kilowatt-hour price that’s lower than the default market offer for their state or territory. Customers with solar feed-in technology can also store electricity, allowing them to offset wholesale prices at peak times. This makes them more resilient to spikes, but they make up only about 45 per cent of the customer base.

For those who don’t have solar, the energy company’s SmartShift tech will automatically optimise EV charging to take place when it’s most cost-effective. That will help them avoid the high wholesale prices of recent months, which have made electricity expensive for many customers, according to Spaceship co-founder and chief marketing officer Kaushik Sen.

Empowering Energy Consumers: The Rise of Amber Energy and its Revolutionary Approach

Metaphysically, amber is thought to contain the sun’s warmth and heal the spirit — so it can bring a sense of rejuvenation to those who wear or hold it. Its soothing properties are said to help ease anxiety and depression. It is often used to promote concentration and sharpen the mind, boosting focus.

The yellow hues of amber activate the Solar Plexus chakra, which distributes energy to and from the body. When this chakra is imbalanced, it can lead to jealousy or insecurity in relationships, fear of sex and sensuality, and subordinating one’s life and pleasures to the needs and desires of others. To balance this chakra, try combining Amber with the more earthy stones of Moss Agate or Landscape Jasper.

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