Authoritative Parents Expect Obedience Without Question From Their Children

Authoritative Parents Expect Obedience Without Question From Their Children

authoritative parents expect obedience without question from their children

Authoritative parents expect obedience without question from their children. They make clear, age-appropriate rules and enforce them consistently. These parents encourage their kids to develop a strong sense of self-discipline, maturity, and respect for others. They also emphasize open communication and emotional support. Authoritative parenting doesn’t always come naturally to all parents and can be challenging to maintain in the face of stress or fatigue.

Authoritarian Parents

Many parents adopt the authoritarian parenting style because it’s in keeping with their cultural, ethnic, or religious beliefs. They may also believe this is the best way to raise their children because it allows them to control their kids with an iron fist. Authoritarian parenting is characterized by low parental responsiveness and high discipline, which makes it difficult to communicate with your kids. It is correlated with mental health problems, poor self-esteem, and a lack of social skills.

The problem with authoritarian parenting is that it can lead to a toxic relationship between you and your child, where your kids feel like they don’t have any safety net or that they can’t trust you. It can also lead to unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, drug use, and eating disorders. It is also correlated with depression and low achievement. Instead, you can be an authoritative parent by using positive communication and a calm demeanor to set reasonable limits for your kids. For example, if your child refuses to eat their dinner, an authoritative parent will explain the importance of nutrition and the consequences if they don’t finish their meal. They will then stick to their decision, even if their child is screaming or throwing a tantrum.

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