Criminal Defence Attorneys

Criminal Defence Attorneys

A criminal defence lawyer is a legal practitioner specializing in the defence of individuals and businesses charged with criminal conduct. He represents clients on criminal proceedings in the jurisdictions of provincial and federal jurisdictions as well as before tribunals of general application under the Criminal Procedure Act, including the courts of criminal jurisdiction. A criminal defence lawyer may also act as a representative of the Crown, the Attorney General or a provincial court judge. Criminal defence lawyers are entitled to receive professional fees for their services from the clients whom they defend.

criminal defence lawyer

Why Ignoring Criminal Defence Lawyer Will Cost You Time And Sales

In order to provide legal advice, criminal defence lawyers study cases based on their legal practices and experience. They will present their client’s case to criminal court, the justice system and the jury in behalf of the client. The criminal defence lawyer will argue the accused person’s case and try to procure the best outcome for his client by using various strategies. Convincing the jury or judges of the innocence of the client is one of the goals of the criminal defence lawyer.

Criminal defence lawyers strive to ensure that their clients are treated fairly by the Crown, the prosecuting authorities and the police. To achieve this goal, criminal lawyers must demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail, an ability to negotiate successfully, respect for the rights of the individual charged and a willingness to protect the rights of the opposition to the Crown. Ultimately, criminal lawyers work to ensure that the client is treated fairly and has a fair trial by the criminal justice system.

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