Emailage IPQS and Predictive Risk Score for Insurance Application Fraud

Emailage IPQS and Predictive Risk Score for Insurance Application Fraud

emailage email risk score has a solid reputation for fraud detection and offers a comprehensive suite of anti-fraud tools. It offers email verification, phone validation, device fingerprinting and more. Its IPQS solution combines deep reputation checks with predictive risk scoring to help combat spam, chargebacks, fake accounts, registration fraud and other malicious behaviour.

Emailage Email Risk Score

Insurance application fraud is a growing concern as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused more consumers to seek out affordable insurance policies online. It is a challenge for insurers to balance consumer experience with fraud prevention and ID verification technologies.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions has announced the availability of its email intelligence solution to identify and assess fraud risks based on email addresses as part of its Digital Identity Network. The company says that the Emailage Rapid product helps to elevate the customer experience and minimize risk by enabling real-time validation of email address and other personal data at the point of quote.

It provides a powerful combination of physical and digital identity signals, linking billions of unique devices and digital identifiers to verify the source, authenticity, validity and consistency of information submitted via an API. It can be used during ATO attacks, account openings, KYC checks, credit card applications or at the registration stage to help protect businesses from false positives and reduce their cost of fraud. It can be integrated into a RMS/AML platform or used directly through the customer portal. It is also available on a pay-per-check basis to help businesses verify user data without impacting the customer journey.

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