IPQS Email Verification API

IPQS Email Verification API

IPQS email verification

Email verification is the process of checking an IPQS email verification  to make sure it connects to a real person and is valid. This can be done either by manually verifying each email as it comes in (or using an automated system), or by connecting an API to your lead generation and CRM to check each new user in real-time.

Email validation can identify a variety of issues, including hard bounces, fake addresses, spam traps, and honeypots. It can also tell you if the email has a history of fraudulent behavior or is a known complainer. Whether you are an individual looking to validate your own email, or a large company with a CRM, email validation is a critical tool to ensure your emails reach their intended recipients in real-time and avoid the costs of spam traps, honeypots, and other abuse.

Elevating Email Quality: The Power of Email Verification Web Services

In addition to syntax & DNS checks, IPQS email validation performs a variety of checks to determine the reputation of an email address. These include a determination of the email provider, the age of the email, whether it is on a spam trap blacklist, and more. This information can help you make better decisions about the potential value of an email address or user.

Improve the quality of your leads, accounts, and customer data with the industry’s best email verification API. Reduce the number of bounces and SPAM filters that cause expensive issues, and increase the ROI on your CRM and marketing investments by removing fake users, spammers, and other bad actors from your user or subscriber lists.

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