Online Games in Italy

Online Games in Italy

With the advent of new technologies, online games are gaining popularity in Italy. In a recent survey, it was found that more than half of online gaming players in the country live in Southern Italy. The percentage is even higher in the middle part of Italy, where the percentage of online gamers is seventy percent. However, the majority of these players spend less than 50 euros per month on their online gambling activities. This difference points to the fact that online gaming is more of a form of leisure than a means of earning money.

Online gaming: A great way to beat boredom

The best siti slot online Italia Portale venues offer a great selection of slot machines and table games. Some of them also feature a live dealer lobby. Other venues feature sports betting. All of these venues offer generous welcome bonuses for new players, increasing the chances of winning. If you live in Italy, you can take advantage of the many slot sites in Italy that offer big prizes.

Gaming in Italy is regulated by the government. A gaming license from the Italian government is necessary for a gaming company to operate. The Italian government has assigned responsibility for the sector to the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Sisal). It regulates the sector by setting guidelines and regulations for the sector. The agency also monitors the operation of gaming concession companies and takes action when there are any violations.

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