Phone Number Validation Tools For Developers

Phone Number Validation Tools For Developers

Phone number validation is important to businesses because it helps them to validate the customer information they are dealing with. This tool can help you avoid fraudulent users or suspicious activity. It can also help you to determine which country the number belongs to, which carrier to use, and if the number is active.

The method of phone number validation varies depending on the country. Some companies use regular expressions to verify a number’s format, but this method is limited. Using a JavaScript function is an alternative that can check if a number is valid.

Other tools are built to allow developers to easily validate numbers in real time. They can be integrated into websites and call centers.

One of the most popular tools for phone number validation is ClearoutPhone. In addition to its real-time capability, ClearoutPhone offers a credit-based pricing system and third-party validation. There are also integrations with most dialers and CRMs.

Another phone number verification tool is Google’s libphonenumber. Its library provides consistent formatting in your locale.

If you are looking to validate a large number of numbers, Loqate is an easy way to do so. This API can handle email, geolocation, and other aspects of phone validation.

If you have an online store, you can use phone number validation to identify the owner of a customer’s number. You can check whether the number is active, or whether it has been disconnected. With the information you have, you can then match the customers with the owners.

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