Renting a Car in Morocco

Renting a Car in Morocco

If you want to explore Morocco at your own pace, Renting a Car Morocco is the perfect way to go. You can enjoy the country’s extraordinary scenic views, varied landscapes and diverse attractions.

Is it hard to rent car in Morocco?

Whether you’re planning to head off into the desert, visit the blue cities or take in the country’s cultural highlights, our trusted partners will provide you with the best car rental deals for your trip underway. Book your vehicle online or in advance and benefit from a range of handy services, such as reserving a child seat, adding a GPS, booking a one-way rental, crossing borders or hiring a car with an additional driver.

Driving in Morocco is safe and simple, but you need to know a few things before you go. For example, most Moroccans drive on the right side of the road (unless you’re British) and there are plenty of roundabouts to navigate instead of stoplights.

You can also find many toll roads around the country, so make sure you’re aware of what’s ahead. These are usually on a pay-per-use basis and can make the commute much quicker.

Our partner Budget has a large selection of rental cars to choose from in various regions and popular holiday destinations across the country. You can choose from a range of different categories including Standard, Mid-Size and Luxury vehicles, as well as SUVs and Jeeps. You can even book a luxury minivan or minibus for your family, so there’s a little something for everyone.

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