Water in Air Vents of a Mobile Home

Water in Air Vents of a Mobile Home

water in air vents mobile home

Water in air vents mobile home in the vents of your mobile home, there are usually several problems at play. First and foremost, you should determine where the water is coming from as it can damage other home fixtures if not quickly resolved. If the water is coming from the air conditioner, then you will likely need to inspect the condensate drain line. If the water is sewage, then it is important to call a professional right away as this type of water contains dangerous microorganisms.

Another common cause of water in the vents is a leak from the plumbing system. This can be a result of a clogged drain line or a loose pipe or fitting. In either case, this is an urgent problem and should be dealt with immediately by a plumbing contractor.

Water in your vents can also be caused by mold and mildew growth. Molds and mildews require a food source, moisture and warm temperatures to grow and thrive. Once they colonize in your vents, they are rapidly blown throughout the home where they can damage furniture and carpeting as well as affect indoor air quality.

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The ventilation system (or drain waste vents) in a mobile home allows the plumbing system to “breathe”. A healthy plumbing system needs to be able to do this to maintain atmospheric pressure inside the drainage waste pipe. In mobile homes, these are called a trap or P-trap and they are installed at all fixtures (before the sewer line connections). Venting is done using an auto vent or an air admittance valve in newer homes.

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