Which Probiotic is Right for Me Quiz?

Which Probiotic is Right for Me Quiz?

which probiotic is right for me quiz

Which Probiotic is Right for Me Quiz

Our bodies contain millions of microscopic probiotic quiz, which create a micro-ecosystem called the “gut flora.” These organisms have important roles in the health of our guts, such as supporting immune function and helping us digest foods.

We can get probiotics in a number of ways, including through certain foods and drinks (like yogurt, kefir and pickles), as well as via supplements. Some people may take them to support their digestive health, while others may be taking them to reduce inflammation or improve symptoms of a specific condition.

Which Probiotic is Right for Me Quiz

A good probiotic contains live bacteria that are viable through the expiration date or best-by label. The label should also mention the bacterial count in CFUs and what strains are used.

Probiotics 101: See How Much You’ve Learned with Our Quick Quiz

For most people, a probiotic that has 10-20 billion CFUs a day is sufficient to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. Products with higher amounts of CFUs can be more effective, but it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider about how much you should be taking.

Which Probiotic is Right for Your Medical Conditions

For instance, Glucose Control is designed to help you manage your blood-sugar levels and A1C by increasing the production of butyrate in your gut. It’s a probiotic that you should consider if you have type 2 diabetes, as many people with the disease are deficient in these bacteria.

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